Farakaran development group is a privet company including twelve subsidiaries. Participation in industrial development, entrepreneurship, job creation and education of human sources are the main purpose of the company foundation.

Farakaran group has played an instrumental role in diversifying Iran’s economy across multiple industries. Collectively, our companies represent our involvement across multiple industries, continually driving support and growth of a sustainable, innovation-led economy in line with the Iranian Government’s Vision.

Farakaran aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Iran economies by partnering with local companies. Moreover, it seeks to acquire significant stakes in companies with superior management teams, and firmly believes in partnering with its investee companies in driving their transformation into premier regional and global players.

The company practices its business based on magnitude of shares initial issue market in which new shareholding companies are formed and offer a portion of their shares for public subscription to create new investment opportunities for market dealers and give such opportunities more depth and diversification.